New Year, New Design

The forecast for 2017 design trends is in, and the year is sure to be one of contrast and drama.  With a society that isn’t shy to share its opinion, it isn’t shocking that the trends for graphic design will push for louder, more powerful pieces in the industry.

In this next year expect to see brighter colors to make brands stand out from the past few years’ trend of more muted color designs.  While toned down colors aren’t disappearing, the tendency will swing toward bolder options more frequently.  As a proponent of lots of color in clean designs, I’m excited to see how peers will embrace bright pops in their own styles.  At the same time that the colors are getting more in your face, the design contrast is getting more striking.  The content of pieces is being focused on both nature and technology, past versus present, etcetera.  Pretty much any subject matter is fair game as long as it creates eye-catching drama.  As the year progresses, this should help push the envelop of every industry’s look.

Speaking of industry branding, it’s worth noting that there should be more design focused around politics especially on social media platforms.  People of all political views are louder than ever because of accessibility to an audience.  They are either creating their  own content on the micro level or hiring designers to make content for campaigns on the macro level.  In an especially controversial time for politics brought into more of a spotlight because of the increasing immediacy of information, designers have a real power to make waves in what information spreads and how it is absorbed.  Anywhere from a plucky meme to a full scale political campaign can change how people will view a cause or person.

When looking at the individual components of design and how they’re evolving, it’s cool to see a blend of unique, authentic, and accessible.  While there are more quirky illustrations circulating in brands like Casper (the mattress company) and more of a focus on original photography as opposed to stock photos, there is a more involved thought process when designers are now picking out fonts.  Since the internet is not going away anytime soon, font options like Google fonts are being further integrated into overall brands to create more cohesiveness between print and web.

All in all the projection for this year in design is one of growth, individuality, and strength.